Saturday, April 1, 2017

62 days

I did it. I wrote about my favorite animal for 62 days. 62 days. I would like to say this was so much easier to write about cats for 31 days the second time. I recommend making a list. Or you simply need to just take a BUNCH of pictures of cats and write about them for 31 days.

Anyway more importantly, I did it! I did the unthinkable. I can't wait to try to complete this task again. Then I will be at 93 days of cats! Zoey is gonna need to do some more cute and interesting things for me to write about. Anyway, as the last post of this year I am going to leave you with so super adorable pictures of Zoey to hold you off until next time!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cat Quotes once more...

"A Cat will be your friend, but never your slave".

This is what my crazy cat calendar says about cats today. And you know what it is so true. Zoey will be my friend, she will sit on my face in the morning when she is hungry. She will sleep at the feet of my bed when it is night time. And she will greet me at the garage door when she hears the door go up. But Zoey would NEVER pour me my cereal. She would never help me pick out what shoes to wear. She would never make me coffee. If anything I am more the slave to Zoey than she is to me!

I wake up each morning at 5:00 and feed her. I give her a bath weekly. James cleans out her litter box. Our life literally revolves around this cat. Humans are the true slaves in the Human/Cat relationship.

But again I am fine with all of it! I love my cat-child Zoey and even though she won't actually help me do anything I know she loves me too!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zoey's perspective on the "Red Dot"

Red Dot (the lazer pointer is moving all around the room)

Zoey: Oh em gee!! There is the red dot! I must catch it! Why is it moving away.

I move the lazer pointer in a circle

Zoey: Ahh I am so dizzy! But I can't stop, I must have the red dot!!!

Now I slow down the movement of the lazer pointer. 

Zoey: Oh I am catching my breath. Oh I can finally get the red dot!!

I continue to move the lazer pointer.

Zoey: I hate this so much. I want to stop. Why red dot? Why do you do this to me??

I turn the lazer pointer off.

Zoey: See I outsmarted it!! It is done!! 

I turn it back on.

Zoey: I will catch you red dot! I  will if it's the last thing I do!!

This continues for the rest of forever :)


Holly is my sisters first cat. Mom and Dad surprised us each with a cat when we were in Middle School. Holly has helped my sister sleep through the night and has always put up with my sisters crazy antics.

Well now Holly is 12. She is getting older and we have recently discovered that she has kitty arthritis. My mom was the one to discover this. Holly has some bald patches on her knees and around her joints. You see when cats are in pain they lick their wounds. Holly continues to lick her knees and her joints and the Doctor has said it is most likely arthritis.

My parents continue to baby her, Holly has her favorite spot on the couch that is only hers. If she gets up somewhere too high mom and dad are there to help her get down. We probably don't have many years left, but we will make all the days she has left count!

Monday, March 27, 2017

The toilet

The Toilet. Cats don't use toilets. Cats use nasty litter boxes. At least this is what I though until today...

Today Zoey flushed the toilet. She flushed it. She stood up on the toilet seat (the cover was down) and flushed the toilet! She actually did it! I called my mom to tell her this amazing feat and guess what! She said "yeah Kelsey, we potty trained our first cat!" What??!!?? This was all before I was born so apparently once my parents started having kids, they stopped teaching their cats to use the toilet!

Their first cat was named Woosey. They named her this because my dad wanted to call her the "Wonder Woose". That's right. My parents are weirder than me! Anyway, they potty trained her. Like the cat went poo poo in the potty! Apparently when you are training your cat to use the toilet you slowly move the litter box closer and closer to the toilet. Once the cat is comfortable you slowly put litter in the toilet until the cat uses the toilet. And then you give the cat a treat each time it flushes the toilet! So weird! But if you want to learn more about potty training cats, watch the youtube videos! It's crazy!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cat Apps for the Ipad!

I know. It probably surprised you too. Well someone, somewhere made an App for CATS! Seriously, I am not the craziest cat person ever! This app is free, so you can all download it. If you type in "cat app" in the app store this is the only app that pops up! The idea of the app is to catch as many fish as you can in about a minute. The game automatically levels you up so it seems like the cat is doing a great job, but really she could just sit there and do nothing and would win the game!

I would also like to mention that two year olds also like to play this game almost as much as cats! There are several two year olds in my life group. Every time they see James or I they immediately start asking for the fish game! It's pretty precious.

More importantly here is a video of Zoey playing the fish game. She is also sitting in an oatmeal box...because you know cats...

A very kitty christmas

I love cats... at least the cat is out of the bag now hehehehehe.

Anyway I started writing this blog on cats last year. I encouraged all of my students as well as my family to read the blog. And since everyone did, I ended up with sooo many Christmas presents for my cat or about my weird cat obsession.

Here is the list of hilarious cat gifts that brought so much joy to my life...

1. This cat sign
2. A hilarious cat teacup
3. Cat leggings!
4. Christmas cat clothes for Zoey
5. An automatic cat lazer toy
6. A cat calendar
7. SOOO many cat balls/toys for Zoey to play with
8. Someone bought Zoey a really cute stocking holder for her little baby cat stocking :)
9. Zoey also got sooo much catnip and cat treats!
10.  And for the best surprise I bought myself the ugliest Christmas sweater ever!!