Thursday, March 31, 2016

The 31st Day of Cats

I did it! I did the unthinkable! I wrote for 31 days...ABOUT CATS!!! Some said I couldn't do it, others said it would be too hard, and several were simply amazed that I was trying such a complicated feat! And I DID IT!!! This feeling is amazing, it's the feeling you get when you study so much for a really tricky math test, and then you get 100%. It's the feeling you get when you are running 3 miles, and you are finally on the last lap! I love this feeling.

These pictures were just too cute not to post...Our Christmas Card Picture 2015

I do know that several of you are probably so disappointed that I will have to stop writing about cats. I know you were all so interested in all I had to say and I know you really loved all the pictures of Zoey :) But don't worry, I am a crazy cat lady, and I will always have more pictures to post, and the next time the "slice of life" comes around I am sure I will have 31 new stories about cats to share with the world! Thanks for a wonderful first "slice of life" or I should really call it "slice of cats" and I can't wait for year 2!
Zoey being Zoey

Orson signing off! Zoey says MEOOOOW which means see ya next year in cat :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


"Family is the most important thing in the world" Princess Diana

You don't get to choose your family. The don't really get to choose you either. However, they are the people who will love you no matter what happens in life. They will pick you up when you fall, they will make you laugh when you are sad, and they will make the happy moments even happier! I know that as a child we all go through that time period where we don't want to listen to our parents, you get really mad at get the picture. But trust me you will regret that decision. Those people will always be there in your life! And they will always pick you up when you fall! 

I love my family, the two-legged members and or course the four-legged members :) The picture at the top is a pic of my new family and the one at the bottom is my family, minus the kitties! 

James, Me, Mommy, Daddy, and Kaitlin

And here is a picture of James and my sister. She loves him more than me, even though she is blood related to me...

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cat Personality

Zoey is my precious baby. I am sure that once again you could tell from earlier posts that I love and adore my cat Zoey. My husband and I treat her like she is our daughter, and we love her so much. She is pretty precious, not going to lie. You will all be so very lucky if I ever let you meet her :).

Anyway, Zoey and all cats really, has a weird personality. Cats can be very interesting in that way. Here is a list of a few of the weird things my cat-child does...

1. She will come running to the kitchen if you open the freezer. She has a weird obsession with ice. When she hears the freezer door open, you have to give the cat a piece of ice. It is tradition. She will also proudly play with the ice cube until it either melts, or gets stuck under the fridge. The second option is what happens the most.

2. Zoey also loves to jump in the toilet. I have already written a blog post about this incident, and it led to some very interesting stories. Now we simply make sure to close the toilet seat to make sure Zoey doesn't "accidentally" fall in.

3. Zoey loves staring out the window. Every time I leave the house and come home, she will be staring out the window waiting for her mommy to come home. I am not entirely sure what else she does all day, since I am at work, but I wrote a blog about what I think she does. You should also read that entry. It is pretty amazing.

4. Zoey loves closets. We have 3 closets in this house. When you open one of the three she will run out and hide in the closet. One time I didn't know she was in the closet and she ended up getting stuck for an hour! Oops!

5. Zoey loves playing on the Ipad. It's true she does. They have "cat apps". Google it, it's a real thing. Her high score is 120 points. That's a big deal score for cats. (Maybe I will write about the app for future blogs:))

These are a few of the abnormal oddities about my cat-child. There are a million more things I could write about, but I think I'll just leave you with the highlights. She is crazy and weird, but by golly do we still love her!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Haikus Written by Cats

Angry Haiku
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Meow
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow

Happy Haiku
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
Purrrrr Purrr Purr Purrrrrr Purr Purr Purr
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow

Sad Haiku
Meoooooow Meooooooow Meooooooow Meoooooow Meoooooow
Wail Wail Wail Wail Wail Wail Wail
Meooooow Meoooooow Meooooow Meooooow Meoooooow

Playful Haiku
Mow Mow Mow Mow Mow
Panting Panting Panting Panting Panting
Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter with Cats

Easter is a day to celebrate, eat and love on your family members. This particular Easter we were loving on our kitties as well. From the earlier posts, you found out that I had 4 cats and 5 people. It was almost 1 to 1! Anyway I love Holidays and I appreciate any time I get to spend with my fmaily and those I love. We had a blast! The weekend was filled with too much food, an easter egg hunt, and time just spent with all of us together. Well kind of, the four legged friends had to be separated in their own rooms to prevent fights!

I had a wonderful Easter and i hope you all did as well! I know I promised a picture in an earlier post, but the cats did NOT get along this visit! No picture today!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Weekend

Yesterday James, Zoey and I traveled to OverlandPark, KS for my families annual Easter weekend. This Easter will be much more interesting than any other. We have 4 cats at my parents house! FOUR! And shocker, they all hate each other! Holly and Oliver, the twins, actually live in this house all the time and are very, very protective of their personal space. Zoey is too shy/laidback for her own good. And then we get to Stella! The demon from the underworld, who wants nothing more than to annoy every other cat and human in this house!

This place is crazy!! Hissing is heard from every corner of my parents house. Stella is tiny and has this horribly annoying bell so you can hear her all the time! Oliver and Holly are on edge and trying to attack anyone or anything that doesn't live here all the time. It is crazy here, but I love it! I am trying really hard to get a full family picture for my blog tomorrow of the 5 people and 4 cats. I will probably have a wonderful story to go along with the picture! Happy Easter from my familly!!

Friday, March 25, 2016


Cats are supposed to hate water. I am not quite sure why they hate it, but they just do. Cats will usually run away from the water, or steer clear of the bath/shower at all times. As you can see from the video above, I have a weird cat. She actually likes water. She loves being in the bathtub, jumping in the shower and sitting in the sink. We can't figure it out. She is so well trained now, that she will sit in the shower and meow until we come to turn on the water so she can play in it. She is really cute in the video. But she is still an oddball. As weird as she is, I still love her and her weird water obsession.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Selfies are a very interesting thing. We had them when I was a kid, but there wasn't this cool option to flip the screen on your phone. You had to hold a bulky camera and pray you managed to get the picture somewhere near your face when you developed the film. I know that sounds like so long ago, but it was literally like less than 20 years ago FYI. With all that in mind, I love taking selfies. I love that the technology has changed so I am able to take much better selfies!

And guess what??? Zoey likes taking selfies with me too! Here is a picture of us together!

She doesn't seem to like it as much as she really does, but she loves me! Anyway, the technology is a changing and making collecting all these wonderful memories even better!!

Zoey Orson


Overly dramatic

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kitty Alphabet

The alphabet of cats
A: Ageless (cats have 9 lives).
B: Bobcats
C: Claws
D: Domestic Short Hair
E: Energetic
F: Furry Friends
G: Graceful
H: Hyper at night
I: Independent
J: Jovial
K: Kind hearts
L: Lick
M: Meow
N: Naughty at times
O: Only like to pet on their terms
P: Perfect hair all the time
Q: Quiet could only mean BAD things
R: Ridiculously cute
S: Stripped
T: Tom Cats
U: Unique
V: Very loving...only when we want to be.
W: Wondering eyes all the time
X: X-Rays will prove we love our funny bone!
Y: Yes, I will always want to play with the lazer pointer.
Z: Zany and Crazy

Monday, March 21, 2016

Coffee Couch

I found this meme online. I was looking for some cat-inspiration or catspiration of what I should write about tonight. Now this meme is all to true, all you kiddos know not to mess with me if I haven't had coffee, but this blog tonight will be about the time Zoey tried to drink the coffee...

I am once again on the couch making a shopping list for the grocery store, and Zoey is playing with some toy SAFELY far away from my coffee...or so I thought. 

Me: [sip coffee, write down some food to buy, sip more coffee and place the mug on the end table]
Zoey: [Play, play get crazy about the ribbon I am chasing. Jump up on the couch, get near mom's coffee. Sniff the coffee, place my paw in the coffee, lick paw, I LOVE COFFEE, and dump the whole mug on the couch.]
Me: ZOEY! Oh my goodness! Bad cat! James grab a towel Zoey spilled coffee everywhere! (actually it was just on the couch). 
James: [comes to the rescue and saves the couch]
Me: Well I guess it was a good thing to buy mocha colored sofas. Get it James?? Cause it's the same color as the coffee. [I fall down laughing at myself and my amazing joke.]
James: That was not funny Kelsey, but I still do love you and Zoey. 
Zoey: Meow, meow, meow. (I love coffee, I can't wait to get some more of it! I love caffeine!!!)


Sunday, March 20, 2016


I hate birds. It's true. I hate them! I am terrified of them. I just cannot stand them. They fly down and swoop at you. They make horrible squawking noises, they walk on the ground and you can never predict where they will go next. And they will eat you ALIVE. It will happen I know it.

Every year my family and I take a trip to the Zoo, and every year I have to walk through the bird house. I promise you I cry every time. Those birds aren't even in cages, they fly around freely, and attack innocent human beings. I hate birds. I just can't do it. I intentionally don't have trees by my house so they won't come near me.

This leads me to the cat part... I LOVE cats because they eat birds. Cats hunt the horrible flying things down and eat em. Cats watch from behind and get their prey. It is truly magical. Zoey will stare out the window for hours warning me about all the birds out there that are going to get me. I love her, and she loves me. And she hates birds too. We were meant to be mom and daughter.
Zoey "hunting" the horrible beasts that live outside

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Twins

Oliver and Holly

The twins, or Holly and Oliver as they are known to their family, are two very hilarious, cats. Oliver and Holly were adopted by my family in 2006. I was in 8th grade. My parents picked the two of them because each cat has a personality like my sister and I. Oliver LOVES annoying Holly, much like I LOVE annoying Kaitlin. Holly likes to sleep all day and so does my sister. Oliver doesn't stop talking (meowing) and I think you get the picture! 

These two are so precious together, and so very entertaining. When we adopted them they weighed 4 pounds. Before we started them on a diet they weighed 25 pounds each! They love competing with each other for food. They bring so much joy, and many crazy stories to my family. I miss them both, but I am excited to get to see them soon this Easter weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2016

My Sister's Kitty

Me, Kaitlin, Stella and my Mommy!

My sister has a kitten. Her name is Stella. Stella is a demon kitty. She runs around the house ans attacks the other big cats! She weighs maybe two pounds, and wears this annoying collar. (It makes it easier to find the tiny cat in my parent's big house). Stella loves to play, but mostly loves terroizing other cats. She is cute though, so I guess she is okay! 

My sister has her own apartment that she shares with her roommate,Stella and her roommates dog. Because a dog is living in the house, Stella has started picking up dog-like traits. She will look your face, bark and she even cuddles with their dog. That part is precious. She also thinks that she is bigger than the dog, and tries to attack other large animals, she has learned the hard way that this is not true! 

I love my sister and her kitty cat. I will try to get some more videos and pictures of Stella to use in the coming days! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Gluten is a wonderful magical substance. It is used in breads, cereals, donuts and cupcakes. Recently my husband and I have gone "gluten-free" in order to help with his stomach issues. Eliminating gluten has solved the problem so I am glad we have done this. But let me tell you, I have missed bread! Bread is so tasty and yummy. Bread is great with any meal and can be eaten with literally any type of food. I miss you gluten.

Now I bet you are like, "Mrs. Orson, you are supposed to be writing about cats!" Oh don't worry children here it comes...

Even the smallest member of the family has gone gluten free. Cat food is naturally gluten-free so it was pretty easy for Zoey to transition. She does also eat with us at the table. I mean the cat is sitting on my lap starring at the food I am eating and often times I will pass her some. She has taken to the lack of bread just like the rest of us. (Cats do actually eat bread FYI). So all in all, Gluten the whole family misses you, but we do like the affects it has had on Mr. Orson and his tummy.

Maybe one day I will get to eat bread again :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


These 31 days I have spent so much time talking about my cat Zoey, but there are several other cats in my life I would love to talk about. 
This is a picture of my parents cat Oliver. He has a sister Holly, but I will save her pictures for a later date. 

My parents adopted these two kitties when they were babies, they were abandoned on the road as kittens. It was HORRIBLE! Well we took these kitties in a gave them a home. Oliver was chosen to be "my cat", but we have never been able to separate the cats. They are now both my parents kitties. 

Oliver weighs in at 18 pounds, he used to weigh 24 and has lost 6 pounds! What can I say, they sure do love to eat! He loves to terrorize his sister, and only wants to cuddle if you like cuddling with him! He loves yarn, and loves when you brush him. He also loves to beg for food at the dinner table. He is hilarious and shy all at the same time. He is a precious baby, and I am so glad he is a part of my family!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kitty Poem

Baby Kitty

8 furry fingers,
8 furry toes,
10 long whiskers ticking your nose.
Soft white fur, mixed with orange through, and through
They love playing with toys and often don't know what to do.
Eyes filled with wonder, 
Always trying to find their next prey,
Kitties will always make anyones day. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

The time Zoey jumped in the toilet...

I have mentioned this tragic story multiple times during these 31 days, so I feel like it is finally appropriate to give you the play by play of how Zoey managed to jump in the toilet the FIRST time. (Keep in mind this has happened numerous times since).

Scene: I am sitting enjoying one of my bingefest Netflix shows, and my husband is cooking in the kitchen. Zoey is looking out the window at a leaf that is floating by.


Me: Husband what was that?
Husband: I don't know what could it be?
Me: Oh snap! Where is the cat??
Husband: Oh goodness!
Me: I found her she is IN THE TOILET!
Zoey: MEEEEOOOOOWWWW (translation: I made a horrible decision).
Husband: GREAT! Now we have to give her a bath.
Me: Well DUH!
Husband: I'll get the bath started for her.
Zoey: Meow, meow, meow. (translation: I hate baths...why do I make such poor choices?)
Me: I am trying to bring her over, she is clawing me!!!
Husband: Zoey baby it will be fine, you are the crazy one that jumped in the toilet.
We give Zoey a bath. She meows and claws like nobody's business. I have scars to prove it!
Husband: See Zoey baby, you are fine. Did you learn your lesson?
Zoey: Meoooooow. (Maybe tonight, just wait I will do it again!!)
Me: Oh goodness, that was a crazy night. I can't wait to have a reason to write about it :)


Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Poem About Being Tired

Sleepy Kitty
Tired Kitty
Snore, Snore, Snore

Whiny Kitty
Cuddly Kitty
Purr, Purr, Purr

Losing an hour of sleep is hard to do, do, do...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Inspirational Kitty

1. You are kind.

2. You are a great friend. 

3. You are loved by all. 

4. You are going places. 

5. You will change the world. 

6. You matter. 

7. You are beautiful.

8. You will make a difference. 

9. You are smart. 

10. You are important. 

Kitty Love

I love my cat, I'm pretty sure that is pretty obvious. She does have her moments though, when she is annoying, demanding, and crazy. She needs to be fed at 2:00AM, she needs to have her liter box cleaned, and most importantly you better not touch her if she is not in the mood to be pet. I can complain all I want to about it, but if I was not here should we not be fed, she would not have a clean bathroom, she wouldn't be able to choose to have someone pet her. Cats need us. We need cats. We need each other. Take the time to to something for someone. I'm not saying you need to feed them at 2:00AM or offer to clean their bathroom. But take the time to tell them you appreciate them. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Cat's Perspective

5:30 AM: Human's are still asleep. I must wake them up now. I don't need anything. I am just bored.

5:45 AM: The clock is making noise, this means I am allowed to annoy humans with my cuteness.

6:00 AM: One human is taking a shower. I must jump in, but freak out and attack once the water hits me.

6:15AM: The porcelain bowl is open. I must jump in and play.

6:16AM: I jumped in the white bowl and I am regretting it deeply. The human is angry and is now making me take a bath!

6:17AM: I hate baths, I must claw my human to DEATH!

6:30AM: Human finally feeds me. I was so hungry. The human is eating their food, I must eat it too!

6:45AM: The human is talking in the annoying baby voice again. And is leaving. I won't miss them. Wait the car is pulling away! I miss you human! Come back! I will meow until you come back.

6:55AM: I don't miss the human any more. I will eat and sleep and use the bathroom all day until the human returns.

7:00AM-5:00PM: Eat, Sleep, Poop.

5:05PM: Human returns. Human keeps using annoying baby voice. I will tolerate it only until they feed me.

5:30PM: Humans are eating their dinner. I must have it. It is better than the brown pebbles they feed me.

6:00PM: The humans are watching TV. I will enjoy being alone.

6:30PM: I missed the humans.

6:31PM: They are annoying again.

7:00PM: I can't catch the stupid red dot. Why do the humans do this to me???

7:30PM: I am worn out from the red dot. I will probably never catch it.

8:00PM: The humans are going to bed. I must be OBNOXIOUS! I will jump on the bed, run around the house, and knock over lamps!

8:05PM: Never mind I am tired. I miss my humans good night.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Potato Chips

This evening I was searching the internet and found this most amazing meme (or Meemee as my husband likes to call it). I found this magicalness and was truly inspired to write about my love of cats and potato chips. 

Just like the meme says, cats are like potato can't have just one. I must admit I am obsessed with Potato chips, I have been known to eat a family size bag in one sitting. However, cats are seriously just as amazing. I personally would love to have more than one cat. I promise you I have tried. The problem is my husband. I have a tendency to stop the car when I see and stray cat and I attempt to lure it into my car. My husband frowns upon this, and when he is driving he will speed up and try to distract me from the poor lonely soul. He doesn't know this, but I have food and treats in my car at all times, in the off chance I find a cat and manage to get it in the car. It just breaks my heart to know that, this poor cat is left to sleep out on the streets. 

I will continue to lure cats in to my car, until I know all of them are safe. My husband will still judge away. Besides, he's the crazy one, he married me!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cat Filibuster

Today I went to the capitol of good 'ole Missouri! I had actually never been there. It was absolutely beautiful. I was also granted the privilege of walking up to the whispering room. In this room you can literally whisper and people across the room can hear you! It truly is so amazing!

Any who, on the trip to the Capitol I was able to see a filibuster take place. A filibuster is literally one person talking for hours, this one in particular had gone on for 18 hours, about whatever they want! And of course after witnessing this I turned to Mrs. Smith and said my next blog will be a filibuster about cats. So here you go.....

Cats are the most beautiful creatures in the whole wide world. They love their owners unconditionally, and will always beg you for food. They are natural born leaders, and will leave their parents rather early. It is in this stage that they gain their independence and leave home. Did you know that Lions and Tigers are very similar to cats. They are just scarier. I have a story about my cat, she is 9 months, and is a calico color. She is 11 pounds or 176 ounces. Her favorite toy is a lazer pointer. The story is about the time she jumped in the toilet. That is right she jumped in the toilet. Toilets come in so many different colors. They are also not expensive to purchase. I personally would love it if my husband would buy a zebra print toilet. I really do love zebra print. My classroom looks like a zebra threw up in it. I have a classroom because I am a teacher. I love all my students. And my students think I am crazy for dedicating 31 days to cats. (Pretend this went on for 24 hours straight!)

What you just experienced was a filibuster. I am telling you, it was insane. He would jump from topic to topic, talking about random things that didn't make sense, but somehow all managed to fit together perfectly. It was truly amazing and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to experience it all.
My 11 pound cat Zoey.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kitty Conversation with Mrs. Smith

Kitty Conversation with Mrs. Smith
<see Mrs. Smith’s blog>

How are you Mrs. Smith?

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

I don’t know, what more could anyone want??? Oh I know! We could talk about CATS!!

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

Have you read the book “Millions of Cats”??

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

Oh my goodness! I love that book soooo much. I actually read it to all of our students, and FYI it is worth 0.5 AR points.

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

Wonderful! Do you have any other great cat book recommendations?

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

I LOVE Pete the cat! I haven’t read Dunkin and Delores yet, but I will add it to my must read list. Have you read Doctor Kitty Cat? A student in my class bought it for me. I am pretty sure I am going to make that my next read aloud.

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

Ooops, I may have already brought Zoey with me…

<see Mrs. Smith’s blog for reply>

Students, what are some of your favorite Cat books?

*No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post*

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Star Wars Family

Star Wars has been a popular franchise for a very long time. It's actually been around longer than I have been alive. That's right kiddies I am not as old as you seem to think I am! Anyway, my mother, my grandfather, my husband and his whole family are die-hard Star Wars fanatics! We all live ,breathe, and eat Star Wars!

This past year the new movie came out so plenty of new merchandise was available for purchase. (It made Christmas shopping so easy for my family!) It also led to wonderful costumes for all of us to wear, new clothes to buy and a Star Wars themed Christmas with my in-laws! (Told you we were die-hards). So of course this Halloween I purchased an R2-D2 costume for the youngest/smallest member of our family. Zoey! She hated it. As any cat or animal would. Personally I loved it, and you know I proudly carried her door to door and trick-or-treated with my cat-child.

My entire family is proud that my husband and I have carried on the Star Wars legacy and I can't wait to find another costume next Halloween!
Zoey in her Halloween Costume. Can't you tell she LOVES it??

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Little Traitor

 I have a confession to make... I love my cat Zoey, that was probably pretty evident from all of my posts. But unfortunately, my cat loves my husband more than me. That's right. I feed her, cuddle with her, talk about her for hours at school and to the internet world, and she loves him more than me. How could she do this?? He didn't even want a cat in the beginning! Zoey it's not fair, I have loved you from the very beginning, yet every night when we are all sleeping you choose to cuddle with HIM! Don't worry I still love you both, and I will be right here waiting when you need to fed, or when you make the smart decision and love your Mommy more! I still love ya baby girl!


Kuddly snuggles make any day better
Independent demons, never afraid to do the unthinkable
Tiny little paws
Trusting lifetime friends
Enough energy to play ALL day and night
they will Never leave your side, all the days of your life.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Special Kitty Surprise

Baby Zoey and James
---Throw Back Thursday---

July 2nd, 2015 started out like any normal summer day. I was at home enjoying my days off and my husband was away at work. I had cleaned the house, washed the dishes and was about to make an amazing chocolate cake, when my phone rang and it was a call from my husband. I picked up expecting to hear some very important news, instead he said I needed to be ready to head to Lee's Summit by 5. You see his brother's Birthday was coming up and his brother needed a family birthday dinner.

I agreed to attend like any good wife did. I finished baking my amazing chocolate cake, and when my husband arrived I hopped in the car. This is where I caught him in the lie!! He changed his story, we were going to
LS to get some computer parts from his younger brother. I confronted him about the different story, but he told me I simply misunderstood him.

2 hours later, we pulled up to his parents house, they greeted us and off to dinner we went. It was an amazing meal shared with wonderful people, but I kept thinking to myself, something just doesn't seem right. After dinner, my husband told me he had some game to pick up, (He is really into his Xbox so this part actually made sense), I believed him and off we drove. 30 minutes later we were standing outside a house... None of it made sense. Why would anyone pick up a game at a house??? He instructed me to knock on the door, I did, and standing in the doorway was a young girl and the most adorable kitten in the whole wide world. I remember commenting on how cute the kitty was and then the girl smiled and handed her to me!! I was shocked, stunned, surprised, so many questions were running through my head. Did she need shots? Where would we put the litter box? I thought my husband hated cats?? But more importantly this cat was MINE!!
Baby Zoey a few days after adopting her!

All in all, I am so grateful to the wonderful man I married, and even more grateful that he put aside his distaste for cats so I could have what I wanted most in life. He has sacrificed so much, and now he continues to give me all that I want in life. Zoey and I thank you dearly!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Window Cat

Every morning at 5:45 the alarm blares! I jump out of bed(really I hit snooze 3 times) and I begin my morning routine. I eat breakfast at 6:30, hair by 6:45, say goodbye to my husband and the cat. And on the road by 6:50. I get to school, set up my classroom and welcome 25 wonderful students. 

Then I teach, and you all know the good stuff happens there. I inspire students, I make dreams come true, I eat lots of candy...LOTS OF CANDY. All the good stuff. Around 3:30 the kids are all at home, and I start grading the enormous pile of work the kids have all turned in. At about 5:00 I head home, and sitting in the window as I pull into my driveway is my precious cat-child waiting for her mommy. 

Everyday she is always there, even when I am worn-out, tired, beat down or grumpy. There sits my precious princess at the door. It is in these moments, that all the stress and all the worry and all the grading that never actually happened, is all wiped away. When I see that furry, little, precious face I pause and take a moment to enjoy the wonderful day I was truly blessed with. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Here goes nothing...

Hello there internet world, like the title says... here goes nothing... 

If you haven't picked up on this yet, I am new to the whole blogging thing. I am excited, don't get me wrong, but I am still really nervous about the whole thing. When my coworker asked me to participate in the slice of life I responded with "why not", and here I am. I hope that you are all interested in all I have to share with you, I mean I am the MOST interesting person in the WHOLE world! 

Anyhoozle, for these 31 days of slicing  I will be writing about my cat-child Zoey (I don't have real children, so she is the center of my universe), my obsessive LOVE for zebras, and my crazy, wacky, loving, caring family. 

I can't wait to see what will come during these 4ish weeks, and I more importantly cannot wait to read all you people have to share! Enjoy!

Here is a Picture of my Cat-Child. There will be MANY more pictures of her throughout these 30 days.

Orson signing off!!