Sunday, March 26, 2017

A very kitty christmas

I love cats... at least the cat is out of the bag now hehehehehe.

Anyway I started writing this blog on cats last year. I encouraged all of my students as well as my family to read the blog. And since everyone did, I ended up with sooo many Christmas presents for my cat or about my weird cat obsession.

Here is the list of hilarious cat gifts that brought so much joy to my life...

1. This cat sign
2. A hilarious cat teacup
3. Cat leggings!
4. Christmas cat clothes for Zoey
5. An automatic cat lazer toy
6. A cat calendar
7. SOOO many cat balls/toys for Zoey to play with
8. Someone bought Zoey a really cute stocking holder for her little baby cat stocking :)
9. Zoey also got sooo much catnip and cat treats!
10.  And for the best surprise I bought myself the ugliest Christmas sweater ever!!

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