Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Holly is my sisters first cat. Mom and Dad surprised us each with a cat when we were in Middle School. Holly has helped my sister sleep through the night and has always put up with my sisters crazy antics.

Well now Holly is 12. She is getting older and we have recently discovered that she has kitty arthritis. My mom was the one to discover this. Holly has some bald patches on her knees and around her joints. You see when cats are in pain they lick their wounds. Holly continues to lick her knees and her joints and the Doctor has said it is most likely arthritis.

My parents continue to baby her, Holly has her favorite spot on the couch that is only hers. If she gets up somewhere too high mom and dad are there to help her get down. We probably don't have many years left, but we will make all the days she has left count!

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