Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cat Apps for the Ipad!

I know. It probably surprised you too. Well someone, somewhere made an App for CATS! Seriously, I am not the craziest cat person ever! This app is free, so you can all download it. If you type in "cat app" in the app store this is the only app that pops up! The idea of the app is to catch as many fish as you can in about a minute. The game automatically levels you up so it seems like the cat is doing a great job, but really she could just sit there and do nothing and would win the game!

I would also like to mention that two year olds also like to play this game almost as much as cats! There are several two year olds in my life group. Every time they see James or I they immediately start asking for the fish game! It's pretty precious.

More importantly here is a video of Zoey playing the fish game. She is also sitting in an oatmeal box...because you know cats...

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