Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cat Quotes once more...

"A Cat will be your friend, but never your slave".

This is what my crazy cat calendar says about cats today. And you know what it is so true. Zoey will be my friend, she will sit on my face in the morning when she is hungry. She will sleep at the feet of my bed when it is night time. And she will greet me at the garage door when she hears the door go up. But Zoey would NEVER pour me my cereal. She would never help me pick out what shoes to wear. She would never make me coffee. If anything I am more the slave to Zoey than she is to me!

I wake up each morning at 5:00 and feed her. I give her a bath weekly. James cleans out her litter box. Our life literally revolves around this cat. Humans are the true slaves in the Human/Cat relationship.

But again I am fine with all of it! I love my cat-child Zoey and even though she won't actually help me do anything I know she loves me too!

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