Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zoey's perspective on the "Red Dot"

Red Dot (the lazer pointer is moving all around the room)

Zoey: Oh em gee!! There is the red dot! I must catch it! Why is it moving away.

I move the lazer pointer in a circle

Zoey: Ahh I am so dizzy! But I can't stop, I must have the red dot!!!

Now I slow down the movement of the lazer pointer. 

Zoey: Oh I am catching my breath. Oh I can finally get the red dot!!

I continue to move the lazer pointer.

Zoey: I hate this so much. I want to stop. Why red dot? Why do you do this to me??

I turn the lazer pointer off.

Zoey: See I outsmarted it!! It is done!! 

I turn it back on.

Zoey: I will catch you red dot! I  will if it's the last thing I do!!

This continues for the rest of forever :)

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